At MAT Express safety and security are top priorities for management, administration, staff and our drivers. In accordance with the Truckload Carriers Association and The National Industrial Transportation League Code of Ethics our drivers:

Inspect hazardous materials; as required by law, assure that the vehicle bears placards in accordance with hazardous materials transportation regulations.

Assure that hazardous materials are packed in proper containers, loaded and stowed, proper shipping documents prepared, and labels and placards supplied for containers and vehicles, in conformance with hazardous materials transportation regulations.

Tender the cargo at the requisite temperature, where appropriate, to avert temperature abuse. Clearly inform driver and carrier of any temperature control requirement.

Pre-cool trailers to the proper transit temperature, where appropriate, when the shipper controls the trailer, e.g. “drop and hook” arrangements.

Operate the motor vehicle in accordance with all DOT rules and regulations, including the commercial motor vehicle safety rules.

Observe shipper/receiver restricted areas, safety practices, and any requirement for wearing protective devices on plant premises such as hard hats, safety glasses, etc., provided by shipper/receiver.

Cooperate with any reasonable shipper load securing requirements, inspect all vehicles’ cargo and load-securing devices prior to departure, and periodically during the course of transportation as may be practical, and cause any evident adjustments to be made that are necessary to maintain the security of the load unless inspection is impracticable.

Understand and are prepared to meet any unique service requirements requested by customer, are trained and knowledgeable in product handling and know how to act in the event of an emergency.

If you have a shipment that requires hazardous material handling, call us to discuss your transportation needs.

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