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Below are the most common questions we get asked at MAT Express 

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1. How can I open an account with MAT Express?
Our accounting department will fax over a credit application. Once this is returned and processed, we will give you a credit limit and account number. You will then be able to schedule pickups.
2. Where is MAT Express located?
We have three locations. Our corporate headquarters is in San Diego, and we have offices in Los Angeles and Calexico.
3. What areas do you cover?
Our slogan of “Transportation Solutions for Southern California & Beyond” says it all. We handle domestic and international shipments with a special expertise in cross border service to Mexico.
4. Do you have a customs inbond specialist onsite?
Yes. MAT Express provides and coordinates all forms of U.S. Customs and import/export documentation for moving inbond cargo anywhere in the U.S. , Mexico and Canada.
5. What time does your phone get transferred to an answering service?
It doesn’t. We are a 365-day, 24/7 operation.
6. Are you a Bonded Carrier?
7. Do you provide warehousing?
Yes. We have 40,000 sq. ft. of bonded secure terminal space.
8. What are accessorial charges?
Accessorial charges are based on your specific shipment, where we picked up the freight and where we moved it to.
9. Can you explain area charges?
Areas are based on zip codes. We can fax you a rate sheet based on your pickup/delivery location.
10. Do you provide “real-time” status of shipments?
Yes. We have invested in software application-based automated technology – where customers are guaranteed to have instant and accurate information about their shipments. Our EDI is provided for free. With a user name and password you track shipments via GPS, receive POD status, view and send document images, access invoice data and receive alert/order information directly – all in real-time.